Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our very first post

When Mrs. E. came to me and asked if we could start a blog together I was all in an uproar! My poor nerves{as I thought} would not be able to bare the strain. But I find the roses in the background most soothing.

This blog was my idea, of course. I am a natural leader. 

of course you are my dear. As I said to Mr.Bennet this morning. Mrs. E. is a natural leader! She of course has no nerves to worry about.

Thank you. My friends are always telling me how wonderful I am, but I always put them down and say "Oh no, I am not nearly as wonderful as my caro sposo

Oh my dear you are two modest! We'll end with some pictures Lydia took the other day and Mrs E don't you have those selfies you took? 



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